WORDPRESS CONSULTANCYJust about every business has a website now-days.

You’ve got to, because just about everybody with any sense goes on the Internet when they want to find out about something—especially if they are thinking of spending money.

Unfortunately, most websites are really bad at what they are supposed to do: inform, influence or persuade as many people as possible.

But even if your site is a blessed exception, it isn’t much use if hardly anybody ever

visits it—which is true of the overwhelming majority of sites.

That is why this website is such a bargain.

  • First of all it is written in plain English, unlike a great many websites which seem designed to display the writers’ polysyllabic dexterity rather than help the website visitor.
  • Second, it takes you logically through all the things you need to know to get more business—and more of the right kind of business—at the least cost.
  • Third, it is full of practical examples so you can easily relate to what I am trying to show you.

Read it once and you will learn a lot. Read it twice and you will start to think about many ways you can do better.

If you need help, getting an estimate is as easy as scheduling online, calling 770-892-9363 or dropping me an email.

Dedicated Offshore Resources for WordPressThis is not the website I intended to build. This is a guide you can use to transform the success rate of any website. Its lessons will be useful to every website owner, every marketeer, every web developer, and every designer.

You need no particular creative or technical skills to apply the lessons in these pages. Crafting websites that work comes down to a few simple disciplines, which I will set out for you in a simple step-by-step guide.

This website is for anyone who has a web site that is failing, is just “doing okay,” or even doing pretty well. If you own a web site, or you are in charge of one, and you suspect it could be doing more, I think you are right.

Most websites do not perform anywhere near their potential. They are not seen by enough of the right people. And when folks do visit the site, the vast majority leave again without getting what they want, or fulfilling the site’s goals.

Do not assume that this is the way it has to be.

Some web sites are found by more of the right people, and when those people come they take action. These sites do really well for their owners.

Do they succeed because they look fantastic, or because they have had thousands invested in search engine optimization? In most cases it is neither of the above.

Websites that work do a couple of things well: get seen by the right people, and make it easy for those people to find what they are looking for.

This website tells you how you can do the same.

Getting an estimate is as easy as scheduling online, calling 770-892-9363 or dropping me an email.

WORDPRESS SEOThe way you structure your web site is the most important factor in attracting visitors.

The first part of this website I will show how most web sites do it wrong, and give you a new approach to creating web sites that’s guaranteed to bring you much more traffic.

Learn How to Transform Your Website’s Success. I will start by showing you what is wrong with the current approach to web design and why it is set up to deliver poor results. I will introduce you to a new model for creating web sites that target more customers with greater precision.

Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals. I will show you how search engines work, and how to get your web site seen by more people.

Expanding Your Reach. I will explain how to get out of your own point of view and take your customers’ perspective, multiplying the scope and impact of your web site’s message.

Using the Awareness Ladder. Next I will take you by the hand and show you a simple but extremely powerful tool for visualizing your markets, addressing groups of prospects you have never reached before, and giving them exactly what they need to keep engaged with your site.

Working through the Awareness Ladder. I walk you through seven real-world case studies, and shows how you can apply the Awareness Ladder model to any marketing challenge.

If you need help... remember getting an estimate is as easy as scheduling online, calling 770-892-9363 or dropping me an email.

WORDPRESS EcOMMERCE dEVELOPMENTGetting people on your website is great—but only if they complete your site’s goals. I have spent ten years researching and testing to discover what causes people to choose to say “yes.”

I will show you the techniques you need to turn prospects into customers, including a simple three-step structure that gets people to take action.

You and I will set up some conversion funnels so that you can spot where you are losing visitors, and what to do when you find leaks.

Get Their Attention. I will walk you through the techniques for creating web pages that engage people’s attention and encourage them to believe they are going to find what they want. Here I will address basic graphic design techniques, including layout, getability, and imagery, as well as essential tips for effective copywriting.

Keep Them Engaged. You will learn techniques for ensuring people stay interested and carry on interacting with your website, so that you can deliver a complete message. You will discover why you must present positive signs, build trust, and resolve concerns, so that visitors have no reason not to keep reading. It also explores ways to craft web pages that work for visitors with different personality types.

Call Them to Action. Here we will look at the difference between a website that engages and one that sells. Most websites simply do a bad job of asking people to take action in a way that is timely and powerful. And it is no surprise that not enough people take action. Effective calls to action must be crafted.

I will give you seven tips for crafting effective calls to action. I will explain how to build momentum leading to each call to action, how to keep visitors moving forward from each page to the next, and how to get them over the crucial finish line. I will reinforce my tips with examples of how you can use copy and graphics to maximum effect.

Executing Your Web Site Strategy. This will be a complete step-by-step guide for you to put into action all the techniques on this website. Whether you are creating a new site, or working with an existing site, it will tell you exactly what to do, in the right order, to start transforming your success.

Optimizing Your Web Pages. Here we will test your website’s ability to convert visitors.

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