All but four nations are subject to NSA surveillance?

At this point it is no surprise that we are being spied on.  The 4 nations that are not subjected to NSA surveillance are Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  They share their information so there is no need to spy on their governments, but they do spy on their...
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Designed to Fail!

We’ve reached a pivotal point in time; the point where our machines are more capable of getting the job done then we are. Google realizes this! Google uses artificial intelligence to run their data centers and drive their cars. Machines capable of learning without our help. This is RoboCop… but...
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How to Recover Ranking Position?

There seems to be a lot of webmasters wanting to recover lost Google rankings.  The first step in recovering your Google rankings is in understanding that Google ranks websites according to a formula and working within the guidelines created by this formula is crucial. To start with; This is my...
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